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DRDO has been carrying out R&D work for the development of assistive devices for the physically handicapped. In this context a low cost indigenous Floor Reaction Orthosis [FRO] has been developed, which is a remedy for polio patient whose quadriceps muscles are paralysed. FRO works on cantilever principle, wherein, when body weight is applied the reaction forces from the floor causes turning movement which locks the frail knee joint. This turning movement is applied through the lateral uprights in order to lock the frail knee joint which DRDO has developed recently. The fabrication process of the FRO involves making a positive plaster cast of polio affected limb with a relief on pressure sensitive zones, namely, head of the fibula, navicular bone, medial and lateral mallolos. FRO consists of three modular pieces namely, foot piece, lateral uprights and knee piece. On plaster of paris cast polypropylene sheet is draped thermoformed separately for patellar cross piece, foot plate and UD glass reinforced polypropylene is draped thermoformed for lateral uprights. Finally all modular pieces are welded to make the final product.

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