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Development of the indigenous multi electrode cochlear prosthesis for the benefit of profoundly deaf people. In normal hearing, sound waves are converted into vibrations, which are sensed by hair cells located in the cochlea. These hair cells convert the sound into electrical impulses that are transmitted to the brain via auditory nerve. A person who has sensoneural deafness losses these hair cells, and become profoundly deaf. A multi channel cochlear implant provides the direct means of conversion of sound waves into electrical stimulus. A permanently implanted multi electrode array in cochlea will provide direct means of stimulation. At present, these cochlear implants are imported and costs more. Therefore the task of developing an indigenous cochlear implant as a societal mission was taken up.

The system consists of body worn processor, implant electronics and an electrode array. Miniature version of implant electronics and multi electrode array has been developed. The implant electronics and electrode are the critical systems which are under evaluation.

The indigenously developed Cochlear Implants are getting ready for human trials and the item is available for technology transfer for its commercial exploitation.

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